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Very important Visual Basic 6.0 MCQ questions and answers:

Solved MCQs for Programming in Visual Basic, downlod pdf for Programming in Visual Basic  solved MCQs in downlod section. visual basic mcq for vb mcq questions with answers and get answer for the question which property determines whether a control is displayed to the user.

1. Who developed Visual Basic?
a) Symantec
b) Ashton-Tate
c) Microsoft
d) Sybase
Answer: c
2. Which of the following statement is used to define a class in visual basic?
a) Event class statement
b) Class statement
c) Form class statement
d) Event statement
Answer: b
3. Which of the following is the caption part for the following Visual Basic command?

MessageBox.Show("Delete Visual Basic?","VB.Net",MessageBoxButtons.YesNo,
MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button2).

a) MessageBoxButtons.YesNo
b) MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation
c) “VB.Net”
d) “Delete Visual Basic?”
Answer: c

MessageBox.Show (text, caption, buttons, icon, [defaultButton])4. Which of the following is used to convert a number from one data type to another in visual studio?
a) Literal constant
b) Object
c) Convert class
d) Parser
Answer: c
5. Which of the following type of constant is ControlChars.NewLine constant?
a) Character
b) Pure
c) Intrinsic
d) Invariable
Answer: c
6. Which of the following instruction tells the computer to close the current form in Visual Basic?

a) This.Close()
b) Me.Close()
c) Close.this()
d) Close()
Answer: b
7. Object respond to an event by writing ____

a) Defining events
b) Operations
c) Defining actions
d) Event procedures
Answer: d
8. What output will be returned if the following Visual Basic code is executed?

strVisualBasic = "Sanfoundry, VB.Net"
intCharIndex = strVisualBasic.IndexOf("VB")

a) 11
b) 12
c) False
d) True
Answer: b
9. Which of the following extension is used to represent the project file in Visual Basic?

a) .vbp
b) .vb
c) .cls
d) .vvb
Answer: a

10. If you keep a variable undeclared, it is automatically taken as to which of the following data type in Visual Basic?
a) Char
b) Int
c) Object
d) String
Answer: c
11. Which of the following property is used to specify a combo box’s style in Visual Basic?

a) Style
b) ComboBoxStyle
c) DropDownStyle
d) DropStyle
Answer: c
12. What will be the output of the following Visual Basic code?

Dim intScores As Integer = {78, 83, 75, 90}

a) 90,83,78,75
b) 78,75,83,90
c) 78, 83, 75,90
d) 75,78, 83,90
Answer: d
13. Which of the following section is used to make text appear around the image?
a) Wrapping style
b) Text style
c) Image properties
d) Align
Answer: a
14. Which of the following applications can be developed using Visual Basic tool?

a) Graphical User Interface
b) Real-time
c) Character User Interface
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: a

15. Which window shows information that results from debugging statements in our code.

Answer : D

16. In visual basic a variable name cannot be more than ______ characters.

Answer : A

17. Which window displays a list of all forms and modules making up your application.

Answer : A

18. Which of the following window is the central to the development of Visual Basic applications.

Answer : B

19. The default property of a text for control is ___

Answer : A

20. ______ is a collection of files.

Answer : C

21. The method, which loads the form into memory and displays it on screen is.

Answer : B

22. In ______ window we can write code.

Answer : C

23. In visual basic ______ is the extension to represent project file.

Answer : B

24. The _____ is used for both the input and output.

Answer : B

25. _____ array size can be changed at run-time.

Answer : C

26. _____ indicates whether a particular condition is on or off.

Answer : B

27. From moused-down() procedure is executed when any mouse button is clicked in a free area of __

Answer : A

28. In visual basic the declaration of variables is done by __ keyword.

Answer : B

29. ___ is a field in a table which contains unique data.

Answer : B

30. ___ method is used to retrieve the stored text from the clipboard.

Answer : B

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