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Ready For Love – Blackpink Lyrics

Singer Blackpink
Composer Blackpink
Music Ready For Love
Song Writer Teddy Park, KUSH (쿠시), 24, VVN, Bekuh BOOM

Ready For Love Lyrics

오늘 하루도 내 머릿속은 오직 y-O-U
Can’t get you out of my head
밤새 미워낸 변외 생긴 blueYeah! 넌 도대체 몇 번을 내 밤 가져다 버린건지 몰라
생각의 기차는 쉬지않고 달려가 밤새 못 자
Yeah! 넌 아쉬울 때만
Yeah! 그저 아쉬울 때만 날
Yeah! 그래 아쉬울 때로도 너라면 좋으니까

이젠 기다릴 것도 없잖아
겁낼 필요도 없잖아
네 심장의 색깔을 보여줘
정말 내 세상은 네가 필요해
두 눈을 또 밤 네 옆에, Here i am

Ready For Love Lyrics in English

Even today, in my head, only y-O-U
Can’t get you out of my head
The blue that I hated all night

Yeah! I don’t know how many times you took my night away
The train of thoughts runs non-stop and I can’t sleep all night
Yeah! only when you are sad
Yeah! only when I’m sad
Yeah! Yes, even when I’m sad, it’s good if it’s you

There’s no need to wait anymore
There’s no need to be afraid
show me the color of your heart
really my world needs you
Two eyes next to you at night again, here i am


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