oracle MCQ QUIZ | Oracle Questions and Answers 2022

Oracle MCQ Questions & Answers :

Below are few Oracle MCQ test that checks your basic knowledge of Oracle. This Oracle Test contains around 20 questions of multiple choice. Oracle Database MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers) focus on all areas of Oracle Database covering 100+ topics. Oracle Database is a multi-model database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. Oracle (MCQs) questions with answers are very useful for freshers, interview, campus placement preparation, experienced professionals, computer science .

Q1.Which of the following components comprise an Oracle architecture?

A. Database related background processes
B. Datafiles
C. Tablespaces
D. All of the Mentioned

Option D – All of the Mentioned

Q2.Which is the smallest unit of storage in an Oracle database?

A. Segment
B. Data Block
C. Extent
D. Data File

Option B – Data Block

Q3.Where is the data dictionary kept?

A. Stack Space
B. Data file
C. SYSTEM tablespace
D. None of these

Option C – SYSTEM tablespace

Q4.A ………………… is used to logically group data together.

A. Object
B. Datafiles
C. Tablespace
D. Database

Option C – Tablespace

Q5.What Oracle backup and recover file contains user and system data

A. Datafile
B. Control file
C. OnLine ReDo file
D. Offline ReDo file

Option A – Datafile

Q6.Which processes is an instance made of Oracle?

A. Memory processes
B. Oracle background processes
C. Data processes
D. All of the above

Option B – Oracle background processes

Q7.You can create any cluster and associated cluster index in any tablespace that is –



Q8.Insert & Update are DML Statements.

A. True
B. false

Option A – True

Q9.which is the extension of an Oracle SQL*Plus file ?

A. .sql.
B. .txt.
C. .pls.
D. .ora.

Option A – .sql

Q10.In the following which the instance made by oracle?

A. Data processes

B. Oracle background processes
C. Memory processes
D. all of these

Option B – Oracle background processes

Q11.In dynamic data replication which of the following database is used for oracle

D. none of these

Option B – DBA

Q12.When the SQL statement is finished which of the following segment is destroyed?

A. Object Segment
B. Temporary Segment
C. Data Segment
D. None of these

Option B – Temporary Segment

Q13.By the help of PL/SQL expression reconstructed using?

D. A&C both

Option D – A&C both

Q14.Which of the following is the use of index?

A. simply the user’s perception of the data
B. retrieve data more quickly and efficiently
C. retrieve data more quickly
D. none of these

Option B – retrieve data more quickly and efficiently

Q15.For displaying the output on the webpage which of the following method are used?

D. none of these

Option A – %ROWTYPE

Q16.The LGWR is used to writes information into?

A. control files
B. redo log files
C. database files
D. none of these

Option B – redo log files

Q17.Use of context in oracle is?

A. store rollback information used when data must be reload back
B. store user data within database
C. minimize the amount of wasted (empty) storage
D. All of these

Option C – minimize the amount of wasted (empty) storage

Q18.In oracle the overall structure of the database is maintained in file called?

A. roiling files
B. control files
C. redolog file
D. B&C both

Option B – control files

Q19.Abbreviate the term DBCA?

a. Database Control Assistant
b. Database Configuration Application
c. Database Control Application
d. Database Configuration Assistant

Option D – Database Configuration Assistant

Q20.Which Release number represents a major new version of the software that contains significant new functionality?

a. Application Server Release Number
b. Platform-Specific Release Number
c. Component-Specific Release Number
d. Major Database Release Number

Option D – Major Database Release Number

Q21.Which method is used by the clients to connect to the oracle database server?

c. Both A & B
d. None of the above

Option C – Both A & B

Q22.What is the use of Library cache?

a. Contains User information, such as user privileges
b. Used to store shared SQL
c. Log of changes made to the database
d. All of the above

Option B – Used to store shared SQL

Q23.When you drop a single table from a cluster, the database deletes which row of the table?

a. Column data
b. Row data
c. Each row
d. Only deletes few data

Option C – Each row

Q24.Which Shutdown Mode in the ASM instance immediately shuts down without the orderly dismount of disk groups?


Option A – ABORT

Q25.What is used by Oracle during Table and Index creation and for sorting?

a. Tables
b. Indexes
c. Temporary Segments
d. Schemas

Option C – Temporary Segments

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