Online Indian Geography Quiz | Indian Geography Questions (MCQs) for All Govt. Jobs

Indian Geography Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Quiz for State and UPSC Civil Services Examinations. Objective Questions on Indian Geography. Questions Answers, Quiz, general knowledge on Indian Geography for competitive exam and interview. Includes wide range of GK and General Knowledge questions .  Indian Geography” plays an important role for Exams like IAS, State PSC, SSC and other similar competitive exams. Indian Geography Quiz, Questions and Answers. This Onlline Test is based on multiple choice questions for all competitive exams and Geography Quiz. Apart from this, a few Indian Geography questions are also asked in different banking as well like IBPS PO, SBI Clerk, etc. 

Q1. Underground water and the water on the earth’s surface is called___

(A) Hydrosphere

(B) Biosphere

(C) Lithosphere

(D) thermosphere

Option A – Hydrosphere

Q2. Which city is known as the Perfume Capital of India?

(A) Kannauj

(B) Buland Shahar

(C) Saharanpur

(D) Bareli

Option A – Kannauj

Q3. When does solar eclipse take place?

(A) When the moon is between the sun and earth

(B) When the earth is between the moon and sun

(C) When the sun is between the moon and earth

(D) When the moon does not live on the line joining the sun and earth

Option A – When the moon is between the sun and earth

Q4. According to World Bank what was the approximate land utilization percentage of India for agriculture purposes?

(A) 70%

(B) 45%

(C) 50%

(D) 60%

Option D – 60%

Q5. Which of the following states is represented in the Rajya Sabha?

(A) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

(B) Dadra and Nagar Haveli

(C) Arunachal Pradesh

(D) All of the above

Option C – Arunachal Pradesh

Q6. The Ajanta Caves which are about 30 rock-cut Buddhist caves described as “the finest surviving examples of Indian art, particularly painting” is located in.

(A) Pune, Maharashtra

(B) Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

(C) Amaravathi, Maharashtra

(D) Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Option D – Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Q7. What is the new name of Jog or Gerosoppa waterfall?

(A) Sardar Patel Waterfall

(B) Rajiv Gandhi Waterfall

(C) Mahatma Gandhi Waterfall

(D) Jawaharlal Nehru Waterfall

Option C – Mahatma Gandhi Waterfall

Q8. Which one of the following states receives the highest rainfall during winter months?

(A) Tamil Nadu

(B) Bihar

(C) Mizoram

(D) Uttarakhand

Option A -Tamil Nadu

Q9. Kapildhara Falls is situated on which river?

(A) Tapi

(B) Sharavati

(C) Indravati

(D) Narmada

Option D -Narmada

Q10. The headquarters of North-Eastern railway is situated at

(A) Mumbai (V.T)

(B) Guwahati

(C) Gorakhpur

(D) New Delhi

Option C -Gorakhpur

Q11. Which of the following is mined in the Badampahar mines of Odisha?

(A) Bauxite

(B) Dolomite

(C) Azurite

(D) Hematite

Option D -Hematite

Q12. The Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS) is located in which state?

(A) Karnataka

(B) Tripura

(C) Goa

(D) Manipur

Option C -Goa

Q13. Where is the Railway Staff College Located?

(A) Pune

(B) Delhi

(C) Vadodara

(D) Allahabad

Option C -Vadodara

Q14. The oldest mountains in India are

(A) Aravalis

(B) Vindhyas

(C) Satpuras

(D) Nilgiri hills

Option A -Aravalis

Q15. Most of the_____ are formed by sand and silt deposited by rivers and sea waves.

(A) laterite and lateritic soils

(B) Alluvial soils

(C) Peaty and Marshy soils

(D) Saline and alkaline soils

Option B -Alluvial soils

Q16. Which of the following railway station has the world’s longest railway platform in India?

(A) Kollam Junction, Kharagpur

(B) Bilaspur Railway Station

(C) Gorakhpur Railway Station

(D) None of the above

Option C -Gorakhpur Railway Station

Q17. What is Dakshin Gangotri?

(A) River valley in Andhra Pradesh

(B) Unmanned station located in Antarctica

(C) Second source of River Ganga

(D) Island in the Indian Ocean

Option B -Unmanned station located in Antarctica

Q18. The highest altitude (4411 meters above sea level) is of:

(A) Bangda Airport

(B) Heathrow Airport

(C) Daocheng Yading Airport

(D) Kathmandu Airport

Option C -Daocheng Yading Airport

Q19. Which of the following is protected under Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972?

(A) Bandicoot rat

(B) Squirrel

(C) Porcupine

(D) Gerbil

Option C -Porcupine

Q20. Which oil field is not present in Assam?

(A) Lakhimpur

(B) Naharkatia

(C) Dibrugarh

(D) Mala

Option D -Mala

Q21. First solar powered Airport in India?

(A) Chennai

(B) Goa

(C) Mumbai

(D) Kochi

Option D -Kochi

Q22. Which is the largest port in India?

(A) Mumbai

(B) Kolkata

(C) Visakhapatnam

(D) Kochi

Option A -Mumbai

Q23. The term “Doab” means –

(A) a land between two mountains

(B) a land between two lakes

(C) a land between two rivers

(D) a land between two seas

Option C -a land between two rivers

Q24. Which one of the following states has the longest coastline?

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Tamil Nadu

(C) Gujarat

(D) Andhra Pradesh

Option C -Gujarat

Q25. Which of the following is NOT a part of the ‘Char Dham Yatra’ in North India?

(A) Kedarnath

(B) Badrinath

(C) Vaishno Devi

(D) Gangotri

Option C -Vaishno Devi

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