Okay Lyrics – avery lynch & rosie meaning [English]

Okay Lyrics Avery Lynch & ROSIE Lyrics

Singer Avery Lynch & ROSIE
Composer The Kids Table
Music Avery Lynch & Jordanlilvee
Song Writer Avery Lynch & ROSIE

Okay Lyrics Avery Lynch & ROSIE Lyrics

I know each time
You feel this way
It’s like the walls
Built to be strong
Can’t keep you safe
You don’t know why
Your fears hold so much weight
Just know each time
That you’re not fine
You’ll be okayJust be
You’ll seeLong nights will come
And so will days
It hurts too much
Wish you were numb
To ease the ache
You don’t know why
You feel so far away
If you’re not good
If you’re not great
Just be okay

Just be
And you’ll see
That this is one part of the human you are
And who you are is all you have to be

Hmm, hmm
Hmm, hmm
Hmm, hmm, hmm

Just be
You’ll see

These things they come
And they grow
And they slow
But they don’t
Go away
And you’ll be okay


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