Latest Current Affairs Questions 2022

Q1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has embarked on a three-day visit to _.

(A) Australia

(B) United States of America

(C) Japan

(D) United Kingdom

Option B – United States of America

Q2. Who has been conferred with the SDG Pragati Puraskar for sustained progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

(A) Sher Bahadur Deuwa

(B) Xi Jinping

(C) Imran Khan

(D) Sheikh Hasina

Option D – Sheikh Hasina

Q3. What is the official motto of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics?

(A) Together for a shared future

(B) faster, higher, stronger – together

(C) passion lives here

(D) with shining hearts

Option A – Together for a shared future

Q4. Guinness World Records has certified two Japanese sisters Umeno Sumiyama and Koume Kodama as the world’s oldest living identical twins in _.

(A) 111

(B) 110

(C) 109

(D) 107

Option D – 107

Q5. In which of these areas, the Uttar Pradesh government has given approval to set up an ‘Electronic Park’?

(A) Ghaziabad

(B) Agra

(C) Noida

(D) Kanpur

Option C – Noida

Q6. Which country has recently announced that it will send $ 64 million humanitarian aid to Afghanistan?

(A) Nepal

(B) Japan

(C) America

(D) Bangladesh

Option C – America

Q7. Which former President of Portugal has passed away recently at the age of 81?

(A) George Sampio

(B) Marcello Rebelo de Souza

(C) Mario Soares

(D) none of these

Option A – George Sampio

Q8. Who has been appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of National Fertilizers Limited (NFL)?

(A) Rohit Sharma

(B) Nirlep Singh Rai

(C) Sandeep Kumar

(D) Shashi Tripathi

Option B – Nirlep Singh Rai

Q9. Which financial body has recently approved USD 112 million loan to improve water supply infrastructure in Jharkhand?

(A) Asian Development Bank

(B) International Monetary Fund

(C) World Bank

(D) New Development Bank

Option A – Asian Development Bank

Q10. Recently, who has received the 7th ‘Yameen Hazarika Woman of Substance Award’?

(A) Geeta Chopra

(B) Neetu Sharma

(C) Namita Gokhale

(D) Manshi Rana

Option C – Namita Gokhale

Q11. Who has recently become the brand ambassador of TATA AIA Life Insurance?

(A) Virat Kohli

(B) Amitabh Bachchan

(C) Neeraj Chopra

(D) Akshay Kumar

Option C – Neeraj Chopra

Q12. Recently, the government of which state has appointed former SBI chairman ‘Rajnish Kumar’ as its financial advisor?

(A) Andhra Pradesh

(B) Madhya Pradesh

(C) Gujarat

(D) Haryana

Option A -Andhra Pradesh

Q13. How many SDG advocates have so far been appointed by the UN Secretary General to deliver 17 SDGs by 2030?

(A) 16

(B) 12

(C) 19

(D) 11

Option A -16

Q14. _ has announced tie-up with OneCard for a mobile-first credit card that targets the young, tech-savvy population of the country.

(A) ICICI Bank

(B) Federal Bank

(C) HDFC Bank

(D) Axis Bank

Option B -Federal Bank

Q15. What is the theme of 2021 International Sign Language Day?

(A) With sign language, everyone is involved!

(B) Sign language is for everyone!

(C) Sign language rights for all

(D) We sign for human rights

Option D -We sign for human rights

Q16. What is the latest projected GDP growth rate of India in 2021-22 as per ADB?

(A) 12%

(B) 10%

(C) 9%

(D) 11%

Option B -10%

Q17. Yes Bank has recently tied up with which payment network to provide credit cards to its customers?

(A) Discover

(B) Mastercard

(C) American Express

(D) Visa

Option D -visa

Q18. Name the Indian who has been appointed as one of the 17 SDG Advocates by the UN Secretary General in 2021.

(A) Sonam Wangchuk

(B) Anand Kumar

(C) Laxmi Agarwal

(D) Kailash Satyarthi

Option D -Kailash Satyarthi

Q19. International Sign Language Day celebrated?

(A) 22 September

(B) 21st September

(C) 23 September

(D) 20 September

Option C -23 September

Q20. Which of the following state has recently set up a tea park at Chhaygaon in Kamrup district?

(A) Arunachal Pradesh

(B) Kerala

(C) Assam

(D) Goa

Option C -Assam

Q21. Which actor has won the “Outstanding Actor-Comedy” award for Ted Lasso at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards 2021?

(A) Ewan McGregor

(B) Jason Sudeikis

(C) Josh O’Connor

(D) Brett Goldstein

Option B -Jason Sudeikis

Q21. and _ beaches have received the coveted ‘Blue Flag’ certification.

(A) Andhra Pradesh and Odisha

(B) Goa and Tamil Nadu

(C) Kerala and Goa

(D) Tamil Nadu and Puducherry

Option D – Tamil Nadu and Puducherry

Q22. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development lowered India’s FY22 growth forecast to __.

(A) 9.7%

(B) 9.6%

(C) 9.5%

(D) 9.4%

Option A -9.7%

Q23. __ could become the world’s third largest importer by 2050.

(A) Germany

(B) India

(C) UK

(D) Japan

Option B -India

Q24. President Kovind has recently awarded the National Florence Nightingale Award 2020 to whom:

(A) Brigadier S V Saraswati

(B) Arundhati Roy

(C) Mary Kom

(D) Seema Rao

Option A -Brigadier S V Saraswati

Q25. Which of the following day is celebrated every year on 22nd September?

(A) World Pigeon Day

(B) World Banana Day

(C) World Turtle Day

(D) World Rhino Day

Option D -World Rhino Day

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