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GK / General Studies Test with multiple choice questions (MCQs) for UPSC, Civil Services, SSC, Banking, UPPSC, RPSC, KPSC, KAS, MPSC, MPPSC etc. Indian Geography plays an important role for Exams like IAS, State PSC, SSC and other similar competitive exams. Questions Answers, Quiz, general knowledge on Indian Geography for competitive exam and interview. Includes wide range of GK and General Knowledge questions . Indian Geography Quiz, Questions and Answers. This Onlline Test is based on multiple choice questions for all competitive exams and Geography Quiz.All students, freshers can download General Knowledge Indian Geography quiz questions with answers as PDF files and eBooks. etc…

Q1. The hottest planet is

A. Mercury

B. Venus

C. Jupiter

D. Saturn

Option B – Venus

Q2. Which one of the following indian states is the largest producer of natural rubber?

A. Tamilnadu

B. Kerala

C. Assam

D. Andhra Pradesh

Option B – Kerala

Q3. Diesel locomotives are manufactured at

A. Kapurthala

B. Perambur

C. Varanasi

D. Jamshedpur

Option C – Varanasi

Q4. The second largest river basin in india is of the river

A. Brahmaputra

B. Narmada

C. Krishna

D. Godavari

Option D – Godavari

Q5. The country having the largest area under tea cultivation is

A. Brazil

B. China

C. Bangladesh

D. India

Option B – China

Q6. After textile, the second largest industry of India is

A. Sugar

B. Jute

C. Cement

D. None of these

Option A – Sugar

Q7. Maximum length of border of which of the following states is adjacent to that of other States ?

A. Bihar

B. Uttar Pradesh

C. Rajasthan

D. Madhya Pradesh

Option B – Uttar Pradesh

Q8. The world highest waterfall is in

A. Brazil

B. U.S.A

C. Venezuela

D. Zambia

Option B – U.S.A

Q9. Which one of the following is the largets river in the worl?

A. Nile

B. Congo

C. Ganges

D. Amazon

Option D – Amazon

Q10. The largest lake in Africa is

A. Lake Victoria

B. Lake Malawi

C. Lake Chad

D. Lake Tanganyika

Option D – Lake Tanganyika

Q11. The instrument used for finding out wind direction is

A. anemometer

B. wind vane

C. wind gauze

D. hygrometer

Option B – wind vane

Q12. Teak and Sal are the principal trees in the forests known as

A. Dry deciduous

B. Dry Evergreen

C. Tropical moist deciduous

D. Tropical moist evergreen

Option C – Tropical moist deciduous

Q13. Long treeless grassy palms are characteristics of

A. Pampas

B. Campos

C. LIanos

D. Prairies

Option A – Pampas

Q14. Summer rains in Australia broadly decreases from

A. East to West

B. West to east

C. north to south

D. south to north

Option C – north to south

Q15. Jupiter is larger than the earth by about

A. 5 times

B. 10 times

C. 20 times

D. 50 times

Option A – 5 times

Q16. Who of the following discovered the laws of planetary orbits?

A. Galileo Galilei

B. Nicholas Copernicus

C. Johannes Kepler

D. Isaac Newton

Option C – Johannes Kepler

Q17. Which of the following planets is known as Morning Star?

A. Mercury

B. Venus

C. Mars

D. Jupiter

Option C – Mars

Q18. One degree of the circumference of the earth measures(approx)

A. 100 km

B. 111 km

C. 151 km

D. 175 km

Option B – 111km

Q19. The total surface area of the earth is

A. 510 million

B. 610 million

C. 710 million

D. 810 million

Option D – 810 million

Q20. 30 What is the approximate equatorial circumference of the earth?

A. 30,000 km

B. 35,000 km

C. 40,000 km

D. 45,000 km

Option D – 45,000 km

Q21. Which one of the following hydroelectric projects does not belong to Tamil Nadu ?

A. Idukki

B. Aliyar

C. Periyar

D. Kundan

Option D – Kundan

Q22. Which state is not one of major producers of Bananas ?

A. Gujarat

B. Tamil Nadu

C. Bihar

D. Kerala

Option C – Bihar

Q23. For National Highway, the maximum speed in mountainous terrain is

A. 120 km per hour

B. 100 km per hour

C. 80 km per hour

D. 50 km per hour

Option B – 100 km per hour

Q24. Which one of the following is a cash crop?

A. Wheat

B. Millets

C. Rice

D. Rubber

Option D – Rubber

Q25. Largest sugarcane growing state is

A. Maharastra

B. Uttar pradesh

C. Andhra pradesh

D. Punjab

Option B – Uttar pradesh

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