General Knowledge Questions for SSC Exam quiz

Q1. The State is the largest producer of tobacco in India?

(A) Andhra Pradesh

(B) Madhya Pradesh

(C) Karnataka

(D) Haryana

Option A – Andhra Pradesh

Q2. The largest item of expenditure in the current account of the budget of the Central Government is?

(A) Defense expenditure

(B) interest payment

(C) Central Planning

(D) none of these

Option C – Central Planning

Q3. Which one of the Directive Principles of State Policy deals with the promotion of international peace and security?

(A) Article 32

(B) Article 67

(C) Article 51

(D) Article 55

Option C – Article 51

Q4. When were the Fundamental Duties incorporated in the Indian Constitution?

(A) 1972

(B) 1976

(C) 1977

(D) 1979

Option B – 1976

Q5. Who is competent to dissolve the Parliament?

(A) Prime Minister

(B) President

(C) Vice President

(D) Governor

Option B – President

Q6. Who won the first Olympic medal individually for independent India?

(A) K D Jadhav

(B) Milkha Singh

(C) Harishchandra Brijdar

(D) Dhyan Chand

Option A – K D Jadhav

Q7. ‘Agriculture Shot’ is related to which sport?

(A) Polo

(B) Hockey

(C) Golf

(D) Cricket

Option D – Cricket

Q8. Which first Indian player scored a triple century in Test cricket?

(A) Sourav Ganguly

(B) Virender Sehwag

(C) Sachin Tendulkar

(D) none of these

Option B – Virender Sehwag

Q9. The list of Fundamental Duties in the Indian Constitution was added as part of which of the following?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 5

Option C – 4

Q10. Which of the following is not an exclusive part of Parliament?

(A) Vice President

(B) President

(C) Lok Sabha

(D) Rajya Sabha

Option A – Vice President

Q11. Rainbow revolution is related to?

(A) Blue Revolution

(B) Green Revolution

(C) White Revolution

(D) all of these

Option D – all of these

Q12. From which of the following direct taxes, the government receives maximum revenue?

(A) Income Tax

(B) Wealth Tax

(C) charity tax

(D) Corporation Tax

Option D – Corporation Tax

Q13. What is the difference between total expenditure and total receipts in the budget figures of the Government of India called?

(A) Fiscal deficit

(B) Revenue deficit

(C) Budgetary deficit

(D) Current deficit

Option C – Budgetary deficit

Q14. Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is related to which sport?

(A) Golf

(B) Badminton

(C) Table Tennis

(D) Hockey

Option D – Hockey

Q15. In the modern version of cricket ‘Supermax Cricket’, how much time is fixed for each innings of 10 overs of both the teams?

(A) 40 minutes

(B) 45 minutes

(C) 50 minutes

(D) 60 minutes

Option B – 45 minutes

Q16. Which cricket umpire is popularly known as ‘Great Delay’?

(A) Dicky Bird

(B) Delay

(C) Great

(D) none of these

Option A – Dicky Bird

Q17. Which magazine is called ‘Bible of Cricket’?

(A) Pakhi

(B) Wisden

(C) Fairytale

(D) none of these

Option B – Wisden

Q18. Which of the following organization gives the Kalinga Award?


(B) Ministry of Human Resource Development

(C) Department of Science and Technology

(D) C. S. IR

Option A – UNESCO

Q19. Which of the following is the fastest Indian supercomputer recently developed by ISRO?

(A) Akash

(B) Saga 220

(C) Blue Jean

(D) Riken

Option B – Saga 220

Q20. Bharat Ratna decoration was first given to whom?

(A) S. to Radhakrishnan

(B) Jawaharlal Nehru

(C) C. Rajagopalachari

(D) C. V. Raman

Option C – C. Rajagopalachari

Q21. Who killed Mahatma Gandhi?

(A) Nathuram Goudse

(B) Vallabh Patel

(C) Raj Dev

(D) Dilraj Singh

Option A – Nathuram Goudse

Q22. Which US President abolished slavery completely?

(A) Kennedy

(B) Garfield

(C) Johnson

(D) Abraham Lincoln

Option D – Abraham Lincoln

Q23. Who has called Panchayati Raj as “the school of modern democracy”?

(A) Gandhiji

(B) Ambedkar

(C) Jawahar Nehru

(D) Tilak

Option C – Jawahar Nehru

Q24. Welfare state is ordered in the constitution?

(A) Fundamental Rights

(B) in the preface

(C) Directive Principles of Policy

(D) in the amendment

Option C – Directive Principles of Policy

Q25. Which of the following is not an exclusive part of Parliament?

(A) Vice President

(B) President

(C) Lok Sabha

(D) Rajya Sabha

Option A – Vice President

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