Corte Madera, CA Lyrics – Larry June [English]

Corte Madera, CA Lyrics – Larry June Lyrics

Singer Larry June
Composer Spaceships On The Blade
Music Ricci Riera
Song Writer Larry June & Ricci Riera


Hoppin’ out swangin’
Shit crazy nigga (hmph) Man
Taking pictures on the jet
Escalade at my arrival
Gotta stay on your toes nigga
Work on your posture
Checkin emails with the bitch
Countin’ up profit
V12 in the Vette I just breezed through the traffic
I just ran a couple miles and bust a move before seven
Smile on my face when I count its a fetish
First you gotta take your passion then apply pressure (numbers)
You fucked around and spent your whole advance on a necklace
So many whips I might ship one to Texas
Courtside chillin’ with these emeralds in my necklace
You called the bitch back to back acting hella extra
I don’t see how niggas do it man that shit so embarrassing
GT speed when I’m slidin through the City
Every man for himself gotta move with intention
Niggas say they gon’ rob me
Nigga better get with me
Slidin’ with a fo’ nicky and a drake with a fifty
Still building bigger brands making plays on the low
Snow bunny out in Humboldt with a line on them bows
All you broke niggas did was put me more on my toes
I’m the type to park the Lamb and double back in the Rolls
(Nice car Larry)
What’s hannin’
Spaceships on the Blade and shit
You know what I’m talkin’ about?
Aye, aye, aye


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