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This is the aptitude questions and answers section on “Average” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Average Problems – Formulas, Tricks, Questions and Solved Examples – Quantitative Aptitude Quiz

Average questions and answers covered for all Bank Exams, Competitive Exams, Interviews and Entrance tests. Learn and practice the chapter “Problems on Averages” with these solved Aptitude Questions and Answers. Questions on average are very common in the competitive exams. We have covered the basics related to the average . By using shortcuts, any question can be solved quickly and efficiently which can save a lot of time. Average Questions is an an essential part for Competitive Exams like Banking, Insurance, SSC and Railways Exams. This is aptitude questions and answers section on Averages with explanation for various interview, competitive examinations and entrance tests. Practice Free Average Questions For SSC CGL, CHSL , GD, MTS Exams And Get Detailed Analysis with Solutions.

Averages - Aptitude Questions and Answers

Problems on Averages – Aptitude Questions and Answers

Q1.The average of any 5 continuous odd natural numbers is k . In the event that two all the more such numbers , only close to the previous 5 numbers are added , the new average becomes

C. 2k+1
D. k+2

Option D – k+2

Q2.The average age of a gathering of people going for outing is 16 years. Twenty new people with an average age of 15 years join the gathering on the spot because of which their average age becomes 15.5 years. The quantity of people at first going for excursion is :

B. 20
D. 24

Option B – 20

Q3.A driver goes to a spot 150 km away at an average speed of 50 km/hr and returns at 30 km/hr. His average speed for the entire excursion in km/hr is :

B. 36
C. 37.5
D. 38.2

Option C – 37.5

Q4.The average month to month pay of 20 workers in an association is Rs. 1500. Assuming the director’s compensation is added, the average compensation increments by Rs. 100. What is the administrator’s month to month compensation ?

B. 3700
C. 3800

Option A – 3600

Q5.What will be the expense of building a fence around a square plot with territory equivalent to 289 sq ft, if the cost per foot of building the fence is Rs. 58 ?

A.Rs. 3748
B. Rs. 3847
C. Rs. 3944
D. Rs. 3154

Option C – Rs.3944

Q6.The average of six numbers is x and the average of three of these is y. In the event that the average of the leftover three is z, :

A.x = y + z
B. 2x = y + z
C. 3x = 2y – 2z
D.none of these

Option B – 2x=y+z

Q7.The average load of 45 travelers in a transport is 52 kg. 5 of them whose average weight is 48 kg leave the transport and other 5 travelers whose average weight is 54 kg join the transport at a similar stop. What is the new average load of the transport?

A.54.21 kgs
B.51.07 kgs
C.52.66 kgs
D. 53.45 kgs

Option C – 52.66kgs

Q8.There are 100 students in 3 areas A, B and C of a class. The average signs of the relative multitude of three segments was 84. The average of B and C was 87.5 and the average characteristics of students in A segment was :


Option A – 20

Q9.On a school’s Annual day desserts were to be similarly circulated among 112 children. However, on that specific day, 32 children were missing. Consequently the excess children got 6 additional desserts. The number of desserts was every youngster initially expected to get ?

C. 12
D. 15

Option D – 15

Q10.The average of a non-zero number and its square is 11 times the number. The number is ?

D. 17

Option A – 22

Q11.It costs Rs. p each to send the initial thousand messsages and Rs. q to send each ensuing one . In the event that r is more noteworthy than 1,000, the number of Rupees will it cost to send r messages ?

A.1000 (r – p) + pq
B. 1000 p + qr
C.1000 (r – q) + pr
D.1000(p – q) + qr

Option D – 1000(p – q) + qr

Q12.20 men went to an eatery. Ninteen of them paid Rs.70 each and the 20th man paid Rs.90.25 more than the average of the relative multitude of 20 men. What is the all out bill ?

A.Rs. 1495
B.Rs. 548
C. Rs. 850
D. Rs. 1750

Option A – Rs.1495

Q13.The mean of 100 perceptions is 40. It is tracked down that a perception 84 was misread as 48. At that point the right mean is ?

C. 41.92
D. 42.05

Option A – 40.36

Q14.Out of the five essential numbers C is the average of An and D. B is more prominent than C and not exactly D.Also B is the average of An and E . The center generally number in the grouping?

B. B

Option B – B

Q15.The average of two numbers is 10 and the result of two numbers is 96. Find the two numbers.

A. 3, 32
B.12, 8
C.1, 96
D.24, 4

Option B – 12,8

Q16.The average of 50 back to back normal numbers is x. What will be the are average when the following four common numbers are likewise included?

A. x + 1
B.x + 2
C.x + 4
D. x + (x/54)

Option B – x+2

Q17.find out the average of initial 20 multiples of 9.

B. 94.7
D. 94.5

Option D – 94.5

Q18.The average cost of 80 cell phones is Rs.30,000. On the off chance that the most noteworthy and least value cell phones are sold out, the average cost of staying 78 cell phones is Rs. 29,500. The expense of the greatest portable is Rs.80,000. The expense of most minimal value portable is?

A. Rs. 18000
B. Rs. 15000
C. Rs. 19000
D. Can’t be determined

Option C – Rs.19000

Q19.The average use of Sharma for the January to June is Rs. 4200 and he spent Rs. 1200 in January and Rs.1500 in July. The average use for the long stretches of February to July is:

A. 2750
B. 3250
C. 4250
D. 4500

Option C – 4250

Q20.The average pay of Arun, Bala and Chitra is Rs. 12,000 every month and average pay of Bala, Chitra and David is Rs. 15,000 every month. Assuming the average compensation of David be double that of Arun, the average compensation of Bala and Chitra is in Rs?

A. 15,000
B. 20,000
C. 14500
D. 13500

Option D – 13500

Q21.Bala ventures initial 33% of the all out distance at the speed of 10 kmph and the following 33% distance at the speed of 20 kmph and the final remaining one – third distance at the speed of 60 kmph. What is the average speed of Bala?

A. 18 kmph
B. 19 kmph
C. 16 kmph
D. 12 kmph

Option A – 18kmph

Q22.Suresh began his excursion from P to Q by his bicycle at the speed of 40 kmph and afterward, a similar distance he went on his foot at the speed of 10 kmph from Q to R. At that point he got back from R to P by means of Q at the speed of 24 kmph. The average speed of the entire excursion is:

A. 18.5 kmph
B. 19.8 kmph
C. 18.2 kmph
D. 19.2 kmph

Option D – 19.2kmph

Q23.The average load of 39 Students in a class is 23. Among them Sita is the heaviest while Tina is the lightest. In the event that the two of them are barred from the class still the average remaining parts same. The proportion of weight of Sita to Tina is 15:8.Then what is the heaviness of the Tina?





Option B – 16

Q24.The average age of a group of 9 individuals is 22 years. Surya is the most youthful and his age is 6 years, at that point what was the average age of the family not long before Surya was conceived?





Option A – 18

Q25.The average load of 40 Students is 32. In the event that the Heaviest and Lightest are prohibited the average weight diminishes by 1. Assuming hands down the Heaviest is avoided, the average is 31. At that point what is the heaviness of the Lightest?





Option B – 31

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